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You can use one touch nail anytime with the patented adhesive glue
on the back of it. Easter, which is the liquid for adhesive recovery, makes one touch nail reusable again and again。

Works with short nails also.
Simply press one touch nail, it’s amazing.
It’s easy to remove also
without hurting your nails.

It’s sometimes hard to have long nails doing house work or at the office.
But with One Touch Nails, it allows you to have gorgeous nails at any occasion
in seconds.

There are hundreds of designs
for any occasions.
You can try samples to fit your skin color at our store with professional service.

Besides the variety of designs,
you can choose the length
and shape that fits you.

Miss placed or lost one nail!
Don’t’ worry, you can replace it
without buying a whole set.

If the nail gets dirty, there is a
service to clean them for only $15,
to get back that new stickness.

Without chemical solvents, your nails are always healthy with one touch nails.
You can use them over and over that means eco friendly as well.

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